Staging a Bedroom

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Staging your home to sell is one of the best ways to rise above your competition.  And since one of the first questions potential buyers will have to answer is "How many bedrooms/bathrooms do I want or need?" Staging your bedrooms is essential to success.  So how, exactly, do you go about Staging a Bedroom?

  1. Rule no. 1 is always to Declutter.  You are going to have to pack up anyway, might as well get started.  Note: DO NOT box up a bunch of stuff and cram it into another bedroom or garage.  These are all important spaces.  A basement is ok, a storage unit is better.
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean.  Clean the windows, baseboards, carpets or hardwoods and the light fixtures.  All those items that aren't usually in the weekly cleaning list.  A clean house is seen as a well cared for house.
  3. Create a Focal point.  The bed should always be the focal point in a bedroom, so show it off!  Start with some neutral bedding - white or cream.  You can add color to the bed with pillows or blankets at the foot.  Twin beds should have 1 main pillow and up to 2 accessory pillows.  Make sure the beds are made everyday! You never know when you might get an unexpected showing.  
  4. Keep other furniture to a minimum.  All beds up to a queen should only have 1 bedside table, a King can have 2.  In an average size bedroom, remove as much other furniture as possible.  If the master bedroom has a seating area, 2 small chairs and a table are good, but try to keep it simple.  
  5. Keep toys and accessories to a minimum.  You don't want the bedroom to be completely empty nor totally full.  Somewhere in the middle is the goal.  Toys are perfectly acceptable in secondary bedrooms, but keep them organized and displayed like you would see in a store.  
  6. Artwork in a bedroom is completely optional.  A large picture over the bed is good, but remember that you aren't trying to create the next BH&G spread.  Keep in mind that the buyer wants to see the house, not your decor.
  7. Max out your light fixtures.  Make sure that all the bulbs in your light fixtures and lamps are working and that it is the highest wattage that the fixture will tolerate.  
  8. Open the blinds and remove or open the window treatments.  Light, bright open spaces will always be more appealing.  
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