Real Estate Planning, The wave of the future!

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All of us know someone who is getting older by the minute. It might be a friend, family member or even yourself. Have you ever wondered about the best way to plan for your future? I’m sure that you’ve heard a lot about financial planning for retirement, maybe even Elder Law attorneys and estate planning for after you’re gone. But what exactly do you do before then? Can you plan for your physical needs in the future like you would plan for your financial ones? Of course you can! It’s called Real Estate Planning and, to be cheeky, it’s the way of the future. Real Estate planning is planning your real estate ( ie your home or wherever you live) for the needs you might have in the future.

We never know what life is going to throw at us. We all know someone or have experienced for ourselves a life changing event that keeps us from interacting with our environment in the way that we would prefer. As we age, our vision, hearing and mobility just isn’t what it used to be. Or diseases like Cancer, ALS, Arthritis or Diabetes keeps us from moving like we did before. Car accidents and sports injuries can really change your life.

Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) we can be assured that wherever we go in the public sector that there will be ramps or elevators, grab bars in the bathrooms, wide doorways and aisles for walkers and wheelchairs. But what about at home? Houses weren’t really built with all these things in mind. Older homes especially have many challenges to just get in the door! So, how do you make a Real Estate Plan? First you need to consult with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS). These can be Builders, Remodelers, or Interior Designers. But all are educated to help people stay in their home for as long as they can with the support and safety that they need. Aging in Place design is more than wider doorways or roll in showers with grab bars. Everyone benefits from lower cabinets with multi level countertops that are accessible for any age or ability and having contrast changes from one surface to another. High grade lighting and open areas with hard surface flooring for ease of movement are essential. Does all of this sound like it will look institutional? Well believe me, it doesn’t have to! CAPS designed homes are beautiful, elegant, open and inviting benefiting anyone who lives there. If this is the LIFESTYLE that you are looking for, then look no further than Sage Key Interiors. We can create a PLAN for you that creates a Home for a Lifetime, making changes that will satisfy your needs now and in the future while doing it within your budget and time frame.

Just like with your financial future, your future real estate needs should be planned by you. Don’t leave this to your family members. Make sure you get what you want out of your retirement by planning ahead for both your money and your home.

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